Info needed on this knife

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Info needed on this knife

Post by RobbP »

Hi all, my first post, thanks for having me.

I picked this up at a flea market because it was cool. Other than Philippines being stamped in the pocket clip, I have not observed any other markings. Anyone have information on this? Age, value, were these common in the U.S.?

Thanks for any and all help!
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sammy the blade
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Re: Info needed on this knife

Post by sammy the blade »

That's different. No idea about it other than it being a butterfly knife.
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Re: Info needed on this knife

Post by jerryk25 »

They have been around since the Westbury Sales K12 days. . . 1960 ?
I never bought one.
I've seen many advertisements for it.
I don't know how "Common" they were. . .
They were at their peak back in 1964, or so, during "The Man from U.N.C.L.E." Spy TV show.
In Pittsburgh, By 1968 everyone wanted "Buck folding hunters" . . .and Butterflys were less seen.
There was a resurgence during the "Kung Fu" era of the 70's . . .

Just as there are at least 6 different K12-ALs.
I suspect this "InkPen Balisong" has more than one manufacturer and tang marking.
I think they came in gold or silver tone. . .
So I could not begin to speculate if this is vintage or recent.

I always called them Balisong Knives . . .and not Butterfly Knives. . . .
I don't recall why. . . .
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