Schrade Manila Folder

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Schrade Manila Folder

Post by Mario »

Hey guys,

I picked up the Schrade Manila Folder balisong the other day. It’s a really nice, well-built and hefty knife. It’s the first balisong I ever got with the latch on the safe handle instead of the bite handle. So far I’ve been remembering that as I flip it and haven’t cut myself, but it’s got a bayonet tipped blade that’s partially sharpened on the top. Got to watch out for that as well. My only question is this, the blade is stamped “Schrade USA” with “Manila Folder” stamped on the back. I originally thought this was a US made knife but the box says, “Made in China.” I paid $84 for it at a local outdoor/sports shop. Some sites have it listed for near $100. Would a Chinese made knife be that expensive? It doesn’t feel like a cheap China model at all. It feels like a really well made US built knife. If anyone happens to know what the deal is with that, let me know. Thanks.
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Re: Schrade Manila Folder

Post by whippersnapper »

I'm not familiar with any Schrade flippers. Guess I will have to Google it.

As far as Schrade goes, I don't think any are made in the US anymore.
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Re: Schrade Manila Folder

Post by sammy the blade »

Some of the knives coming out of China are high end and expensive.
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