I'm heading back to Tijuana in my new-to-me Jag.

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Fishtail Picklock
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I'm heading back to Tijuana in my new-to-me Jag.

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I'll be heading back to Tijuana on May 17th and I'll be heading back on the 25th. The Jag is running fine and I'll soon be wending my way back to Mexico for the same reasons I went last time. Good seafood, beautiful beaches, nice jewelry (silver rings) great fireworks, marvelous museums, and tasty mango punch as well as limeade. I'm going to make a straight shot to Tijuana and then take it easy on the way back. (When I napped on the way south, I darned near froze at the Oceanside Rest Area). It should be better since it is May. I just hope that it will be a bit more relaxing this time.

Bonzo: I wish that I could stop by on the way south, but I'll be "cannonballing" it to get there. If I'm lucky, I can take my time heading back. I'll repost again before I leave.
Fishtail Picklock
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Re: I'm heading back to Tijuana in my new-to-me Jag.

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Mr. FTP,

Just send me a PM when you think you might head back.

Best regards,

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