Happy 4th oh July.

Do you want to talk about your beautiful country, family, or dog? Would you like to say where you went on holiday or how you arranged the garden? Are you willing to tell us you girlfriend left you for a(nother) loser? Do you have ANY non knife-related topic you want to discuss? This is the place!

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Happy 4th oh July.

Post by rock-n-roll$$$$$$ »

Happy 4th of July to all.
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Re: Happy 4th oh July.

Post by Tom19176 »

HAPPY FOURTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Happy 4th oh July.

Post by john »

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Enjoy the 4th!!!
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Re: Happy 4th oh July.

Post by portlandmike »

Happy Fourth all !!
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Re: Happy 4th oh July.

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'''HAPPY 4TH'''

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Re: Happy 4th oh July.

Post by JulesVane »

Happy Independence Day!


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Re: Happy 4th oh July.

Post by jim d, »

Happy 4th! Town cancelled all activities, parade fireworks etc. It had been dry but we a good downpour early this evening so the residents felt it safe to put on our own displays. :D

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Re: Happy 4th oh July.

Post by whippersnapper »

Yee haw!
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