A very nice gift!

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Re: A very nice gift!

Post by Jackalope »

jim d, wrote: Sun Feb 14, 2021 1:09 pm
As long as I have been collecting Bill has been generous with his time, freely willing to share his expertise with anyone who ask
Bill is the hardest working man in our hobby!
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Re: A very nice gift!

Post by JulesVane »

A beautiful knife, and a great gesture between friends!

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Re: A very nice gift!

Post by WheelingWV »

Very nice!
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Re: A very nice gift!

Post by TRYKER »

WOW !!!

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Re: A very nice gift!

Post by JimBrown257 »

I missed this thread a while ago. If anyone can find any of the pics, you should see the conversions Stagnut did with the plunger buttons like on those Queens. He also turned a manual lockback into an auto by shortening the backspring then bending it in so it was the kickspring (like on an old Case or Ka-Bar). It had these guards that doubled as the lock.
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