Western W49 Bowie Knife

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Western W49 Bowie Knife

Post by ManateeMike »

This was given to me by my sister-in-law. It belonged to her late husband. Just looking for info about this particular knife.
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Re: Western W49 Bowie Knife

Post by Jim_mi »

Looks like western made several blade and guard markings on these.

Earliest one made in late 50's to about 1965 with the "Western Boulder Colo. USA" logo on one side and "Bowie" on the other side.

Then the blade markings said "Western Bowie USA" on one side of the blade only, from 1966 till about 1974.

After that the markings were still on blade with "W49" added to the blade logo.

Then they went to guard markings of either "Western Bowie" or "Western W49" .

He also said that the Vietnam era knives have small rivets on the handle with later ones much bigger. The post Vietnam knives have a heavier handle and guard
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Re: Western W49 Bowie Knife

Post by TRYKER »

i used to wear one all the time when i was in the club( 70's-80's), butt, some bars made me put it behind the bar???

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Re: Western W49 Bowie Knife

Post by whippersnapper »

I remember my step bro having one in the late 70's. Seemed old to me then.
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