*ONE SOLD* For Sale -- Two 2010/2012 9" & 11" Walt's Classics Ram

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*ONE SOLD* For Sale -- Two 2010/2012 9" & 11" Walt's Classics Ram

Post by huckles »

9" is SOLD

Hi Folks:
For sale are two Limited Edition Walt's Classics from a 2010 and 2012 run. Both the 2010 23cm and the 2012 28cm have Ram scales and each knife is built upon a 5mm back spring. The 28cm is a dark Ram scale; not a spec of green and blade is a 440C bayo. The knives have solid nickel silver bolsters and the tangs are stamped with the image of Walt's signature cat with a "W" between the paws. The front tangs also have the Italian mark of quality and are stamped with the letter "M" inserted into the letter "Q". The backside tangs show "N. 54/2010 (9") and "N. 279/2012 (11") over "Limited Edition". PM me if interested.
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