Over oiling a knife

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Over oiling a knife

Post by rnchesnut »

Can over oiling a knife cause it to not open fully and lock up? I oiled a rather inexpensive knife with Ballistol and now it doesn't open fully all the time ? Am curious if oiling a knife can do more harm than good?
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Re: Over oiling a knife

Post by Mario »

In my experience, every knife I’ve handled seems to respond differently to oiling and different types of oils. I use a variety of oils: Mineral oil, Canola oil, WD40, Rem Oil, 3 in 1, etc. How much of what it is you’re using and where you use it seems to matter. WD40 works best if you’re simply trying to clean a knife. Rem Oil works good on pivots and keeping springs functioning. 3 in 1 works best as a coating oil to prevent rust. It also works with loosening up pivots as long as you don’t use too much. Mineral oil is strictly rust prevention material. It tends to gum up opening mechanisms and slows things down. I’ve actually heard that Ballistol is not good to use on knives. Can’t remember the exact reasoning, but I’ve never used it. Maybe it’s the problem you’re having?

Hope this info was helpful.
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Re: Over oiling a knife

Post by sammy the blade »

Spray it out with wd40, could have been some dirt in the knife that got stuck in the oil and the wd40 will flush it out if that's the problem.
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Re: Over oiling a knife

Post by JimBrown257 »

If it was opening fine but now not opening fully the issue is something other than too much or little oil. Oil can absorb dirt and dust and turn to a paste like stuff but that takes a long time.

What kind of knife is it?
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