Condor Knife & Tool CTK 4057C14.4

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Re: Condor Knife & Tool CTK 4057C14.4

Post by kugr » Mon Mar 04, 2019 3:47 am

Just my 2 untrained cents... I love the spike style... then I was enlightened on that style vs the no spike style... when fighting with a hawk (again, untrained, but it made logical sense) holding it down by the head, blade out, the handle acts as a batton and the blade is safely away from you. Now if we add spike, it can now be used against you, just by shoving it into you. Spikeless, it's now a "safe" weapon. No chance to be used against you. Again, I'm not trained with a hawk, but it made sense. I am sure both styles have their uses.

Now for the sharpening... props! I am way to lazy to hand sharpen anything larger than a small folder. I even bought the ken onion worksharp sharpener for my hawks and fixed blades...
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