Jowika Knife Solingen Germany B 007

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Re: Jowika Knife Solingen Germany B 007

Post by gravknife » Sun Jan 20, 2019 1:27 pm

Here's some info on Jowika

Jowika Stahlwarenfabrik Eugen Webwer & Altenbach KG was the full name of the German manufacturer.They produced low end mass market cutlery.The firm began prior to 1928 under the name of Kleinwefers and became Jowika just before 1939.
Jowika opened a factory in Ireland in Listoweln in 1960 which was later acquired by Imperial Schrade in 1978.
It was finally closed about a year before Imperial Schrade itself did .

My opinion is this isn't from the war but the late 1950s or even 1960s .I have seen a very similar knife with this blade shape marked Paratrooper on the blade itself. it had a stock number also.If you look many Jowika knives had a number on the blade .
Fallschirmjager knives indeed we're not Nazi marked ,The drilling 3 barrel had the Luftwaffe eagle clutching a swastika near the breech ,and the gravity knives of the Fallschirmjaeger were stickbird marked on the marlin spike.Later takedown models had RB 00 numbers etched onto the blade aswell.

No German WW1 or WW2 military war knives I know of are marked Germany,only exported items to other countries are marked this way.,pretty self explanatory if your exporting goods.

I like to find out new information on any knives and don't mind being proved wrong if I learn something so I will keep an eye on this. I have a real soft spot for German militaria and had it not been faked so much recently I would have added more to my collection.

I used to frequent "wehrmacht awards "and never seen one of these there either.



flash macgyver
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Re: Jowika Knife Solingen Germany B 007

Post by flash macgyver » Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:40 am

i have that knife. it's my favorite... instead of the jowika mine says "gambill" and i got it with a red and yellow sheath that is losing some stitching because i wear it often. again... it is my favorite knife when i camp, hike, etc... just found your post when i was looking for a black sheath for it... it's really a solingen... they have made many knives for other brands... not to mention even military swords for different countries.

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